GCB’s commitment to recycling

01 Jul 2020
July 2020
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With a large amount of carton, plastic, pallets and woven bags waste generated as part of our operations, we are actively looking for ways to recycle them to reduce our impact on the environment. Over the years, our GCB employees have coordinated and sold these wastes for recycling, and this has generated extra funds which has helped to support our community efforts.

In 2019, we raised close to RM 50,000 from recycling the materials we use in our operations. These funds went to support our programmes for our community and employees. We will continue to expand recycling programmes in our factories and offices and find more recycling partners to support our cause.
Carton recycled
Pallets recycled
33,560 kg
Plastic recycled
Woven Bags
14,313 kg
Woven Bags recycled