Meet our Interns

01 Jul 2020
July 2020
Thriving Communities
Meet our Interns
We value the skills and knowledge of our employees and we believe that we can use our core competencies- our people- to empower future generations. By empowering youth with the knowledge, experience, and skills for the workforce, we are doing our part to improve the future of our community. That is why we are committed to hiring more college and University students to take part in our Internship programme to gain valuable skills so that they can transform their knowledge into a better future for their communities.

As of March 2020, we have hired 118 Interns to join our GCB Team to work in our offices in Pasir Gudang and Singapore. We are constantly on the lookout to hire more students to join our Internship Programme and we have hired 2 more Interns in GCB Cocoa Singapore for the rest of 2020. We look forward to welcoming them in our team!


“During my final year in university, I was looking to follow my passion and join a company that would help me take the first step into corporate sustainability. Joining GCB Cocoa Singapore as a sustainability intern has given me more than that. It has opened my eyes to the intricacies of business processes and how it interacts with our natural and social environment. I was able to grow with the company in their sustainability journey, and was given multiple opportunities to try new things and step out of my comfort zone. I am glad to be converting to a full-time employee with GCB Cocoa Singapore to continue working on cocoa sustainability together with the company.”
- Jacinta Chuah
Sustainability and Trading Executive
“I joined GCB Cocoa Singapore as a Sustainability Intern in February 2020 and have gained much valuable experience and insight into the cocoa industry, cocoa sustainability, and also got the opportunity to explore other areas of interest such as CSR, Risk Management, and so on. I enjoyed the many different opportunities given to me to draft important policy documents, attend meetings, facilitate communication with customers and partners, and contribute to decisions and projects, alongside the guidance of my nurturing, forthcoming and knowledgeable colleagues. “
- Brenda Wang
Sustainability Intern